I am a freelance English-Japanese translator.

A little about my career

I was born and raised in Japan, and I have always loved literature. I’ve been writing stories and poems since early childhood.
I started translating books as a daily hobby when I was 12, the year I started studying English.
​I majored in English language and Literature at university and started my freelancing career in 2013.

My other interests include psychology, music, film, and food.

My current roles are: translator, reviewer, writer, and editor for translation agencies, individual clients, and independent authors. I am currently involved in editing a widely-used online dictionary and localizing e-learning study course contents.

My wide range of clients spans private customers and leading companies such as Netflix and games publishers with major titles (Match 3 puzzles, award-winning board games and fantasy games).

I look forward to helping you connect with your Japanese audience.

I work with translation agencies as well as individual companies and authors.

If you are interested in my full CV, please request it via my contact page. You can also see a summary of my career history on my LinkedIn page.